The pros and Cons of POP3 versus IMAP eMail services

POP3/IMAP are eMail services used to “read” your emails from our servers.


  1. Perfect for temporary storage of emails on our servers;
  2. Do not support sub-folders;
  3. Do not operate well for customers wishing to use more than 1 device to read their emails;
  4. Encryption is available;


  1. Usable for temporary or permanent storage of emails on our servers;
  2. Provide server side storage for many folders;
  3. Enable the customers to read & manage his emails from more than 1 device;
  4. Encryption is available;

(*) For domains, IMAP will be fully operational autumn 2015.

eMail Hosting

Free Email Hosting is provided with any services sold by PubNIX

Existing Individuals and Corporate customers get a few, Free Anti-Spam, mail storage for 30 days;

Corporate Email Hosting

Include our Free Anti-Spam, mail storage & backup.

The prices depend on the amount of mailboxes, the amount of time


Outlook integration – $20 per mailbox
Anti-Spam System from Barracuda – $2 per mailbox per month
Anti-Spam System from MXLogic – $3 per mailbox per month