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Cette page de référence technique Internet vous propose des liens utiles au sujet des ordinateurs, logiciels, developpement Web et questions légales. Vos commentaires et/ou un avis si des hyperliens malfonctionnent seraient appréciés:

This Internet technical reference page provides links to a variety of sites related to computer hardware, software, Web development and legal issues. Suggestions or reports of broken or redirected links are welcome:


Speed up your Internet connection (for dialup users)
Tips and Tricks
Junk Mail (SPAM)
Products, Technical Support, Updates
E-mail, Browsers
Web Development Resources
Online Mailing Lists, Magazines, News Services
Internet Resources

Speed up your Internet connection (for dialup users)
Augmenter la vitesse de votre connexion Internet à distance

Internet Speed Tweaks


Tips and Tricks / Trucs et Astuces

Bandwidth Calculator new2.gif (197 bytes)
Scantips: How to get the most from your scanner
Source Code Encrypter All : Scramble source of any chunk of code new2.gif (197 bytes)
Win2000 Tips: Developer new2.gif (197 bytes)


Security / Sécurité

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
eTrust Threat Information Center
Internet Explorer - Update for "Frame Spoof" Security Issue
Internet Explorer "Favorites" Security Update
Internet ScamBusters
Internet Security Systems - security products, alerts
McAfee Antivirus software, updates, virus and hoax lists
NMAP -- The Network Mapper
Scam, Fraud or Urban legend? new2.gif (197 bytes)
SecureNAT : Secure payments (Canada)
SecureNAT : Paiements sécurisé (Canada)
Sécuritéfranceflag.gif (155 bytes)
Security Information
Security patch for Internet Explorer
Shields Up - is your computer vulnerable to malicious entry via the Internet?
Sommaire Antivirus franceflag.gif (155 bytes)
Spyware and Parasitesnew2.gif (197 bytes)
Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC) - Hoax list, virus encyclopedia, Norton updates
Symantec Latest Virus Threats/Security Advisories new2.gif (197 bytes)
Virus Bulletin


Junk Mail (SPAM) / Pourriel

Bounce Spam Mail
How to read spam email headers
Junkbusters: Resource site for privacy protection measures
Spam Cop
Spamkiller anti-spam tool
The Network Abuse Clearing House
"Unspammable" email link  new2.gif (197 bytes)


Products, Updates, Technical Support
Produits, Mettre à jour, Soutien technique

3Com Products & Support
arstechnica : the pc enthusiast's resource
Catchup : Update Your PC - software updates, security fixes
Classic Clipboard - multiple copy clipboard
Device drivers
Files - over 300,000 files
HTML-Kit (Freeware) Full-featured text editor for HTML, XML and script authors  new2.gif (197 bytes)
Improve Windows98 experience
Linux Standard Base Specifications  new2.gif (197 bytes)
Macintosh Files
Macintosh - more
Microsoft Product Support Services
Microsoft Personal Online Support
Microsoft Windows Update Site
NeoTrace - high speed graphical traceroute with integrated whois and ping
Net.Medic - monitors, isolates, diagnoses and corrects Internet or intranet performance
Remove Internet Explorer (Windows 98)
Shareware, Drivers and Info for Windows 95, 98, NT and CE
ShareWire - free sharewire web applications
VisiBone - HTML charts and 216-Color Webmaster Palette
Web application server products
Web Net Tools
Windows 95 System Updates
Windows 98 System Updates
ZDNet: Where Technology Takes You



About 56K modem initialization strings and drivers
Aptiva: Frequently Asked Questions about V.90 and 56K Connections
Modem manufacturers
MWave Modem Fixes
Test your modem speed
V90 Upgrades


E-mail, Browsers
Courrier électronique, Fureteurs

Eudora Light
Internet Explorer: Macintosh version
Internet Explorer: Windows version
Opera browser  new2.gif (197 bytes)
Pegasus Mail


Web Development Resources
Ressources pour le developpement Web

ActiveState Tool Corp.: Professional tools for Perl developers
ASCII Key Codesnew2.gif (197 bytes)
Bells 'n Whistles
BrainCode Quick Index of Free Scripts new2.gif (197 bytes)
The Browser-Safe Color Palette
Bruce Clay: Free Web Site Design and Promotion Advice
The Clip Art Connection
The Complete Guide to Ezine Publishing
DevEdge Online
Developer's Paradise
DevParadise : La reference des createurs de sites web !   franceflag.gif (155 bytes)
Dynamic HTML
Fancy For Fonts
Fonts, Graphics, Applications, Utilities
FreeCode Software Archive
GNU Compiler Collection  new2.gif (197 bytes)
Graph Search : Web Development Powerhouse new2.gif (197 bytes)
HTML Goodies
.htaccess script  new2.gif (197 bytes)
Hundreds of unique cut-and-paste scripts
JavaScript Browser Add-ons new2.gif (197 bytes)
LinkScan - link checking and website management tool
Matt's Script Archive
Media Builder
Outils pour la conception Web (français)
Page Tutor - step-by-step HTML guide to web page creation
A Primer for Accessible Web Pages
Professional Perl CGI scripts, software and tools new2.gif (197 bytes)
RGB Formats
Resources to Build and Grow your Website - Web Programming Resource - your programming directory Search
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi
The Source for Java Technology  new2.gif (197 bytes)
Web Developer's Virtual Library
Web Developpeur (français)
Web Graphique (français)
Webpedia: Web Builder's Reference
Web Abstraction: Beginner and advanced JavaScript tutorials


Magazines, News Services, Online Mailing Lists
Magazines, Services de nouvelles, Listes par courriel
CMPnet: The Technology Network
CNET News: Tech News First
HUB: Digital Living (formerly The Computer Paper)
Hardware Central The E-Business and Internet Technology Network
Internet Marketing Challenge
MacCentral Online
Macintosh publications
Microsoft's Newsletters
Microsoft Security Advisor
Netsurfer Digest new2.gif (197 bytes)
PC Week Online
PC World Online
Risks Digest (RD)
ServerWatch - Guide to Internet Servers and Platforms
The SitePoint Tribune
TechWeb: The IT Network
Web Developer's Channel
Winfiles' Newsletters
Wired News: Technology
Atout Micro (français)   
Branchez-vous! (français)
Magazine SAM (français)  franceflag.gif (155 bytes)
Netscope (français)  franceflag.gif (155 bytes)
Québec Micro! (français)


Internet Resources / Ressources Internet

A Glossary of Domain Suffixes  new2.gif (197 bytes)
Best Search Tools
CNET Message Boards (Forums): Platforms, Hardware, Software, Web Development etc. new2.gif (197 bytes)
CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) List of Canadian accredited registrars; Whois new2.gif (197 bytes)
The Librarians' Index to the Internet
ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers): List of accredited registrars; policy activities new2.gif (197 bytes)
InterNIC - International public information resource for Internet users new2.gif (197 bytes)
Microsoft Public Newsgroupsnew2.gif (197 bytes)
UCLA Internet Report 2001 new2.gif (197 bytes)
Usenet Archive to 1981 new2.gif (197 bytes)
whatis?com : Definitions for thousands of IT-related words new2.gif (197 bytes)


Legal / Légal

Journal of Internet Law new2.gif (197 bytes)
Trademark & Domain Names new2.gif (197 bytes)
What is Copyright Protection? new2.gif (197 bytes)
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) new2.gif (197 bytes)



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